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The wide range of Emerge metal composite panels are available in various shades and types that allow the designer, the choice of creating an inspiring building design. The compound material of metal composite panel which is layered between two thin aluminium sheets are available in two varying degree of applications based on their fire rating:


A2Non Combustible

Emerge A2 is a superior, fire-safe metal composite panel, rated at the fire safety grade of A2. The environment-friendly panel comprises of a non-combustible core in the middle for the safety of your buildings.

FR Fire Retardant

Emerge FR is composed of a fire-retardant core sandwiched between two skins of aluminium. It passes most countries’ fire and life safety codes. The core consists of approx. 70% of non-combustible minerals. Emerge FR is also comparatively lighter than solid aluminium panels.

The fire rated cores with Emerge A2 and FR ACM meet the high standards of the fire regulations like ASTM E84 – Class A, EN 13501-1, ASTM D 1929-16, NFPA 285, BS 8414-1 and other international building codes, SASO. It also complies with the latest edition of UAE fire & life safety guidelines.


  FR A2
S.No Specifications 4mm 6mm 4mm 6mm
Product Composition
1 Alloy & Hardness (EN 573-3) EN AW 3003 H16
2 Skin Thickness, mm 0.3mm - 0.5mm 0.5mm
3 Core Material Fire Retardant Core Non Combustible Core
4 Panel Weight, Kg /mm (±0.5mm) 7.3 10.5 8 11
Product Tolerances
5 Panel Thickness ±0.2mm ±0.3mm
6 Panel Width, (1000, 1250,1500mm) ±.2mm
7 Panel Length, (Upto 6000mm) ±4mm
8 Bow (Length or width) Max 0.5%
9 Squareness  
Mechanical Characteristics
10 Tensile Strength, Mpa (ASTM E8) 50 30 45 27
11 0.2% Proof Stress, Mpa (ASTM E8) 45 27 42 23
12 Elongation, % (ASTM E8) 5 2 3.5 2
13 Modulus of Elasticity, Mpa (ASTM E8) 70,000
Thermal Characteristics
14 Linear Thermal Expasion, mm/m/100 ˚C 2.4
15 Deflection Temperature, ˚C (ASTM E413) < 120
16 Temprature Resistance, °C (ASTM C 518) -50….+80
Acoustical Characterstics
17 Sound Transmission Loss (Rw),dB 26
Reaction to Fire
18 Surface Burning Charecterstics, (ASTM E84) Class A
19 Reaction to Fire, (EN 13501-1) Class B, S1, d0 Class A2, S1, d0
20 Self Ignition Temperature Not less than 343˚C(ASTM D1929) Pass
21 Fire Propagation (BS 476 Part 6&7)-UK Part 6 Class 0 & Part 7 Class 1
22 ISMA, (NFPA 285) Pass
Surface Finish Characteristics
23 Paint Finishes (AAMA 2605-13) PVDF/FEVE/HDPE (2 Coat)
24 Deflection Temperature, ˚C (ASTM E413) 20~35% for PVDF & 20~80% for FEVE/HDPE
25 Pencil Hardness, (AAMA 2605-13) Min HB
26 Back Side Service Coating PE
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